Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet?

At this time, we do not allow pets in any of our accommodations.

Is there a laundry room?

Other than the January, November & September Rooms, each of our accommodations contains its own washer & dryer, laundry detergent, iron & ironing board.

Can I smoke in the room?

We have a no-smoking policy for each of our rooms. This includes vaping.

Do you have air mattresses?

Yes, please let us know if you would like to use an air mattress and we will make sure there is one in your room. If an air mattress is requested, we will store it in the ottoman in the living room, along with all the pillows and linens you will need for it.

Why are the rooms named after months of the year?

When we purchased the Book and Table Inn, the previous owner had already named several rooms after the birth months of his grandchildren. We decided to continue the tradition by naming the July Room after the birth month of our son, Able, and we kept it going from there.

Are the accommodations family-friendly?

Absolutely! We have several full-size apartments that are well-suited for families, with amenities including baby gates, sound machines, games, toys, books, and your favorite TV streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix.

If you have any special requests that will help us better accommodate your family, please contact us and we will do our best to help meet your needs.

What streaming services are available on the TVs?

Each of our TVs is equipped with Netflix, ESPN, Disney+, and YouTube.

What are the different campuses?

As of right now, we have rooms & apartments at four different locations, all within two blocks of each other.

The original Book and Table Inn is located at 120 North Patterson Street, which contains one large apartment (July Room) and two one-room apartments (the November & September Rooms).

We then acquired two apartments at 130 North Ashley Street. These spacious, open-concept apartments are the May and August Rooms. These apartments are ideal for families and extended stays.

The next apartment we added is the October Room at 215 North Ashley Street.

Our latest additions are the March Room and the April Room in the historic Cranford Building on Hill Avenue.

What is the Able Strength Memorial Garden?

The Able Strength Memorial Garden is located at the Book and Table Inn's North Patterson Street Campus. Both the November and September Rooms have doors that open directly into this private, serene courtyard, which has plenty of seating and tables for our guests to enjoy. One of the three balconies of the July Room is actually positioned directly over the courtyard; its grated flooring was built around the eucalyptus tree that provides shade to the garden.

In order to provide all of our guests with a peaceful atmosphere, we ask that you please refrain from smoking or vaping in this area.

How do we check in?

All of our rooms are equipped with keyless entry. We will send check-in instructions on the day of your arrival.

How do we check out?

To check out, simply text/message us when you leave.

If you have time before you leave, please consider helping out by:

  • stripping the sheets and pillowcases off the beds
  • putting towels and washcloths in a pile on the bathroom floor
  • placing dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turning it on (detergent is under the sink)
  • empty the fridge of open food/drink containers
  • put all trash into trash can

What time is check-in & check-out?

Early check-in and late check-out is possible, based on availability. Please let us know your request in advance, and we will do our best to work with your schedule.

Can I bring my pet?

At this time, we do not allow pets in any of our accommodations.

Can I smoke in the room?

We have a no-smoking policy for each of our rooms. This includes vaping.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you realize you need to cancel your reservation for some reason, you will receive a refund. The refund amount will depend on the timing of your cancellation.

Within 48 hours of booking your stay: full refund

Up to 24 hours before check-in: full refund, minus service fee

24 hours or less before check-in: full refund, minus service fee & first night

Where should I park?

All of our accommodations have plenty of free parking options available. Downtown Valdosta has street parking, as well as several parking lots that are open to the public. Please refer to this map to locate the best parking options for the room you would like to stay in.

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